World Animal Protection

Strategy Animation

Note: As this is an animation intended for an internal audience, we’re sharing an edited version of the animation without a voiceover for confidentiality reasons.

World Animal Protection is a global organization dedicated to protecting animals and advocating for their welfare. They have outlined a comprehensive strategy for the years 2021 to 2030, with a focus on two main goals: transforming the global food system to ensure good lives for farmed animals and stopping the cruel exploitation of wild animals. They asked Jolt to create a short explainer animation that effectively communicates their strategy to all employees, both new and long-serving, in a simple and accessible manner.

To create an engaging and informative explainer animation, we developed a visually appealing style that aligns with World Animal Protection's brand guidelines. The animation focuses on illustrating the key elements of the strategy and providing clear explanations of how the organization aims to achieve its goals.

The completed animation will serve as a powerful tool for World Animal Protection to effectively communicate and embed their strategy among employees. By providing a clear and accessible overview of the strategy, the animation will ensure that both new starters and long-serving staff have a comprehensive understanding of the organization's goals and how they will be achieved. It will inspire and motivate employees to actively contribute to the mission of protecting animals worldwide.

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