Wagtail 4 teaser animation

The Wagtail team approached us with the need for a dynamic and engaging animation to announce the release of their latest content management system, Wagtail CMS 4. The new version included a host of innovative features that the team knew would create a buzz in the Wagtail community. To effectively capture the attention of their target audience, they sought a short motion graphics video that would showcase the new capabilities of the platform.

To meet this requirement, we employed a combination of screen captures, animated text, and a punchy soundtrack to create a visually captivating asset that would leave a lasting impression on the viewer. The screen captures were chosen to highlight key new features, while the animated text provided an added layer of context.

The result was a short, energetic animation that effectively conveyed the excitement and potential of Wagtail CMS 4. The video was designed for use across various social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and exposure. The final asset was well received by the Wagtail team and helped generate significant buzz and interest in their latest release.

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