Explainer Animation

Introducing EVO: a new app that connects landlords, tenants, tradespeople, and housing providers to solve problems in rental properties quickly and efficiently.

Picture this: you're a tenant living in a rental property. Suddenly, a pipe bursts and water is flooding your bathroom. With EVO, you can easily report the problem to your landlord and a tradesperson will be dispatched to fix the issue in no time. No more waiting for days or weeks for repairs to be made, and no more dealing with unresponsive landlords.

But it's not just tenants who benefit from EVO. Landlords can use the app to quickly and easily manage repairs and maintenance, ensuring their properties are in top condition at all times. And tradespeople can use EVO to find new job opportunities and streamline their workflow. We were tasked with creating an animation that highlights the benefits of using EVO for everyone involved. We focused on the process of fixing a specific problem and used illustrations to show how the app helps and benefits all users at each stage. We used existing characters that had already proven popular on social media, and injected some gentle humor into the animation to keep viewers engaged.

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