Awesome moving images

We help businesses to engage with their target audience through animation. Fast-paced, bold and emotive, animation is the perfect medium for telling stories online.

Types of animation


Minute long animated videos that give a brief explanation of a particular subject or product. They can be used to introduce a topic and act as a stepping stone between social media and a website or app.


Straight up advertisements, just like you see on the telly box. On the web, you’ll mainly find promotional animation on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube as promoted posts. Increasingly, there’s a move towards 6 second ads that sit nicely before Youtube videos or on Snapchat.


Short films, that are designed for captive audiences who are happy to put their feet up and enjoy something a little longer.


Super-short animated gifs and loops that can be used on social media or as part of written work to add personality.


Tutorials and screencasts that help users to use a product or app.


We can create animation for use on advertising screens and displays from a supermarket check-out to a stadium-size jumbotron.

The animation process

For many of the people we work with, commissioning an animation is a new adventure, so we have developed a process that ensures everyone is includes at every stage of the process. This prevents any surprised at the end.

We take clients and agencies on a journey from the germ of an idea right through to the finished product and we have a passion for making animation that’s both beautiful and effective.

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