World Animal Protection

COP28 Animation

World Animal Protection asked us to produce an animation as part of their activity around the COP28 climate conference. They wanted to tell the story of factory farming in the global North and show the negative impact it has on animals and the climate. Importantly, they wanted to explain how the effects of climate change are most keenly felt by those in the global South.

The team at World Animal Protection had already been working with farmers in Kenya, producing interviews and documenting their lives. They decided to use animation to tell a story that couldn’t be told with just video and wanted to relate it back to the real people they have been working with who are feeling the effects of climate change.

The video has a darker, more ominous feel to it than some of the other work we have produced for World Animal Protection. The more cinematic style helped us make the connection between factory farming, wildlife and people who are farming in a more sustainable way.

The animation will be shown at the COP28 conference and other events, as well as being used on the World Animal Protection Website and across social media.